Gasthof Waldwirt - Hotel in Russbach & Familienurlaub Salzburg


in the Salzburg region


The municipality of Russbach,

 located between Abtenau and Gosau, appears to be quite manageable, while successfully integrating a small yet delightful leisure landscape into its original village character.



Here, the village fountain and the picturesque parish church coexist with a water park, and within the village, small shops in well-maintained houses ensure the provision of locals and their guests.

Especially for the latter, there are several restaurants, apartments, privately-run hotels, and Hotel Gasthof Waldwirt available for your vacation in the Salzburg region.


Although Hotel Gasthof Waldwirt, which belongs to the municipality of Russbach, is somewhat secluded from the bustling tourist crowds, it offers its guests all the scenic beauty that the Salzkammergut region has to offer.


Accessible via the Lammertalstraße, branching off from the A10 motorway south of Salzburg, and the Pass Gschütt Straße leading towards Lake Hallstatt, our privately-run hotel has everything a holidaymaker desires.

The fresh mountain air, surrounding the location at approximately 800 meters above sea level

idyllically situated village is surrounded by fresh mountain air at an elevation of approximately 800 meters, offering lush green meadows or endless white landscapes depending on the season, enticing visitors to embark on extensive hikes and explore the alpine world. It also beckons ski touring enthusiasts to take advantage of the nearby groomed slopes.


In addition, the cozy mountain village of Russbach provides ample opportunities to enjoy the prevailing tranquility and appreciate its preserved personal character.