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Hiking and tour destinations

The popularity of hiking has many reasons

To disconnect for several hours and forget about everyday life

The tranquility, fresh air, and observation of nature

provide a soothing deceleration that even the younger generation has come to appreciate. Ever since celebrities like Hape Kerkeling embraced hiking, the act of exploring nature has become a mass phenomenon.

It is not an exaggeration that movement in forests and at high altitudes is beneficial for health. Hiking is an endurance sport for everyone, allowing individuals to adjust the distance and pace according to their own abilities.


Exploring nature on foot promotes fitness and health just as much as cycling, jogging, or swimming. Hiking strengthens the cardiovascular system and burns approximately 320 kilocalories per hour.


Furthermore, it strengthens ligaments, tendons, and bones. A study conducted by Stanford University also found a positive impact on mental well-being, as outdoor physical activity releases endorphins.

Russbach is situated amidst a fascinating mountain landscape on the edge of the Salzburg region.

A special mountain experience is climbing

at the border of the Salzkammergut region. Here, you will find hiking trails with various physical demands.


Multi-day glacier tours are also possible in our region. Families can find easy routes that can be tackled partially with all-terrain strollers. A beautiful destination is the 4.5-kilometer-long trail through the Ghost Forest.


Ten stamp stations offer kids the chance to receive a Forest Spirits medal. Beforehand, they must complete several tasks, such as building a raft and a ghost house. For refreshment, a plunge into the Kneipp pond is available.

From our hotel, you can reach numerous climbing routes in a short time. We are happy to advise you on which route is recommended for you.



Climbing is not just a sport for professionals, because with us there is also the right offer for children with the Max and Moritz climbing route and other routes.


Beginners can try their hand at the Brunnbachsteig or Katrin climbing route. Spectacular challenges are offered by the path to Donnerkogel or the Seewand climbing route, which is one of the biggest challenges in the Eastern Alps.


However, you don’t necessarily have to climb a mountain. A hike around Gosausee offers you magnificent views of the Dachstein Glacier. In addition, Russbach is located in the valley of fossils. Go on a treasure hunt at the Snail Wall under expert guidance. It is a well-known site for finding ancient corals and snail stones.


Our team is deeply rooted in the region.

We know every mountain and every hiking trail personally

Guided tour through Russbach

Experience the history of Russbach:

Prof. Dr. Fritz Seewald takes you on a time journey tracing the history of Russbach. He tells you all about interesting facts, guides you through Russbach’s parish church, and shows and explains the plants in the Bible Garden, which is full of interesting herbs and plants. And of course, the stories that go with them.


Meeting point: Russbach Tourism Information 

Dates: On request 

Registration: +43 676 4179495

Cost: € 5.00 per person


In Russbach, the tourism association offers 5 guided hikes per week.


Of course, there are also additional guided hikes on offer in the neighboring towns. You can find information here in the folder: Guided Hikes